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DO NOT BOOK IF NOT SURE. CANCELLATION FEE APPLIES, see "read more" section. Cancel via email only. DO NOT call to cancel, DO NOT leave voicemail. DO NOT use chat feature or webform to communicate cancellation, we will not consider those and mark as no show for full cancellation fee.
We are neither contracted with Insurance nor do we get any funding from governament for "free" testing. Hence we do mostly travel tests which are typically not covered. We encourage those needing insurance coverage to book test at the many facilities in town that can either bill insurance or get funding to provide testing for "free". We provide receipt with details to help with insurance reimbursement.
Your physician or CDC can give the best advice in your choice of test. As a guidance only: Rapid Antigen is best for active infection when viral load is high. Typically 3-7days after exposure, depending on various factors, otherwise they tend to give false negative results. PCR is more sensitive and may show early infection 3-5 days after exposure. These tests can also give a false positive result when infection is waning.
Results delivery disclaimer: Our internal protocol requires employees to call anyone who gets a positive result, if we cannot reach we leave a voicemail, so ensure you provide correct phone to us. While we attempt to email all results, we frequently find Gmail & other providers Block our emails, and unpredictably so, second emails go through but not first. We request you to add our email "" and "" to your safe list in gmail or other email providers setting. If results are time sensitive (travel/return to work), and if you did not get the email with results (after checking & refreshing spam) we request you to email us, when we reply to your emails, they usually do not fail or get blocked. If that fails please come back to pharmacy for printed copy of results 4 hrs after test.  Definitely before pharmacy closing (4pm New year eve). 

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