Some of our most popular 2000+ Non-Sterile Compounds

- Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

- Low Dose Naltrexone

- Liquid medications for infants/children

- Corn, Gluten, vegetarian, allergen/dye free options

- Transdermal gels for cat medications

- Tasty Chews for easy medication delivery to cats & dogs

- Tiny tablets for pet medications

- Liquid, capsules, mini suppositories, Troches, Vet paste much more to list here. Call us and we will find a custom solution for your needs. 


Durable Medical Equipment

Wide variety of home healthy living aids available in store or to order via our catalog for next day delivery. 

- Wheelchairs and accessories starting as low as $145

- Rollators and accessories starting as low as $59.99

- Canes, Crutches starting as low as $6 each.

- Seat Cushions

- Bathroom aids like handle bars, toilet seats

- Sitz baths, donut cushions, heating pads

- Nebulizers for adults and infants in various shapes

- Breast pumps

and much much more. 

Blue wheelchair


We offer delivery service to your home or office within 2 miles of our pharmacy for a nominal delivery fee of $6 per delivery.

We ship compounds within the state of Maryland for nominal fee. 


Multi Dose and Blister Pack

Amazing for patients on multiple meds, complex medication regimens, those with adherence issues, for caregivers, for travel.

--Medications packed as they should be taken per doctor's orders either in morning, noon, evening or bedtime slots.

--Blisters are light & easy to carry, can be torn per time of day or for whole day/week.

--Each "cell" has list of meds, name of patient, date, time to take to avoid confusion. 

--Header page has medication information, description, directions, prescriber name, prescription number. 

--Initial set-up fee and per pack fee may be waived under certain conditions, please call for details. 

-- Can be shipped within Maryland


We stock a wide variety of popular Vitamins and herbal supplements from Windmill, Nature's Truth, Mason, 21st Century we also carry specialized Vitamins and supplements.
In addition you can shop our member section for specialty products from Xymogen, Neuroscience, Apex Energetics, Proenzol. These products require a prior consultation with our pharmacist or a healthcare practitioner.

Herbal Medicine
Blood Test

Lab test Partners

We are happy to announce partnership with Ulta lab tests.

Either you or we can help order your tests or wellness package. Once paid, you get a requisition to get blood drawn at a Patient service center and results can typically be obtained online within 24-48hours. To Learn how it works click here

Understand and Manage Your Health​

Choose From Hundreds of Blood Tests Starting at Just $20

Get Discounted Rates Up To 80% and Competitive Pricing

We also provide at home test kits from ZRT labs, talk to us to see what's right for you.