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Why choose Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding

  • We are Frederick's premiere non-sterile compounding pharmacy. With more than 2000 formulas and more than 500 drug products we have a comprehensive list of solutions for your patients. 

  • We source from FDA approved wholesalers and suppliers and our state of the art facility can handle USP 795 and USP 800 compounding for hazardous drugs. 

  • We make all forms of non-sterile dosages - Liquids, tablets, capsules, creams, transdermals, ointments, suppositories, troches, lollipops, foams, topical nasal sprays, enemas. 

  • We cater to patients with allergies to specific excipients like  dyes, gluten, corn, vegetarian options.

Prescribers can call in compounds via phone order or send electronically or via fax.


Phone: When you call and speak to one of our compounding pharmacist, we can have suggestions for you on typical compounds for a condition, we can offer various dosage forms, strengths and hypo-allergenic products based on your expectations and patients needs. 

Electronic Rx: Some offices have frequently used compounds specially added by their eRx software vendor into their drug database. This can make it simpler to order it electronically. However, if you do not have that function in your prescribing software or if it is a unique compound, you can choose any related drug in the drug field of the prescription then in the "sig" field you can add the actual compound for example if ordering a compound like Nifedepine 0.2% Lidocaine 5% Ointment, you can choose Lidocaine jelly 2% as drug but in the sig/directions field you can type - Dispense Nifedepine 0.2% Lidocaine 5% Ointment - 30gm, use rectally at bedtime as directed.  

Fax: Under the "For Prescriber" Tab we are constantly adding new prescription templates based on specialties. Simply print the PDF and use it as a prescription template to fax to us. 

We are constantly updating our formula database with new compounds based on needs of the market or latest scientific literature. Please check our site regularly for updates. 

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