Hillcrest Pharmacy has partnered with Medbar to provide COVID-19 PCR testing with or without Insurance coverage. We collect the swabs curbside and send to the lab. You can view your results online.


We also provide Rapid test with results less than 30mins for active infections. Please note testing is by appointment only and done CURBSIDE ONLY. Visit the booking site(s) above. 

If you are willing to get the vaccine, please fill the brief survey above. It will help us lobby the vaccine from the state.  

We will contact you when we are allocated the vaccine and based on the state guidelines of distribution.  


Best in class Compounding

Humans & Pets

Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding

Our Mission Statement: 

To help our patients live happier and healthier lives by working with prescribers, veterinarians, local hospitals, and community organizations.  In compounding, our goal is to work with providers and patients to formulate specific compounded medications that are evidence-based to achieve the best therapeutic outcome. 


Flat rate $6.95 Shipping* . Convenient Curbside pickup.

*restrictions apply

Wide range of services customized to your needs

Pharmacy Care personalized for you


  • Bioidentical homone therapy

  • Pet medications in Transdermal gels, Liquids, Capsules, Tablets, Chewtreats

  • Pain creams

  • Urology compounds

  • Dermatology creams

  • Allergen/Gluten/Dye free 

and much more....


Multi Medication


All medications you take are packaged according to time of day 7-28day packaging. 

  • Ideal for people who take more than 5 medications.

  • Alternative for caregivers who do pill boxes.

  • Manage complex medication regimen in easy to use packaging. 

  • Convenient for travel

Home Living Aids

Wheelchairs, Rollators

Canes, Crutches

Toilet seats, 

Donuts, Sitz baths



Breast pump


  • Accept most insurances

  • We help you find coupons, save money

  • Medication reviews

  • Medication Synchronization to get all meds on same day. 

Home delivery

Home delivery in 21703 zip

Contactless delivery

Curbside pickup

Delivery of non-Rx with Rx also available

(240) 608-2006

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