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Thank you for choosing Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding for your testing needs.

Please review the items below before you arrive

1. Terms and conditions for COVID testing at our location

2. If you booked COVID test(s) and are showing symptoms or suspect infection, please DO NOT enter the pharmacy. Drive as close to curb near pharmacy and call us from your vehicle at 240-608-2006 and let us know of your arrival in the parking lot, your name and vehicle description. We would perform curbside swabbing in your vehicle.


3. All results are emailed in a certificate valid for travel, whether positive or Negative. If Positive, we attempt to call as soon as we find out. Rapid Antigen tests run time is about 10-15min so results are emailed in 20-30mins. PCR tests depending on speed you pay for, can be within 2 hours to 48hrs as you selected. 


4. Please bring your state issued photo ID , If you need passport# on the results page for travel, bring your passport. 


5. To ensure proper technique, we do the swabbing ourselves. You can review example technique(s) below

Nasopharengeal swabbing technique

Anterior Nasal swabbing technique

Finger Prick technique


6. Please read the information about the tests. All of these are not FDA approved but are Emergency use authorization approved. 

EUA Factsheet for patients Thermo-Fischer RT-PCR test

EUA factsheet for patients Acula RT-PCR test

EUA Factsheet for patients BD Veritor Rapid Antigen test

EUA Factsheet for patients Coronacheck Antibody test

EUA Factsheet for patients Carestart Rapid Antigen test

EUA Factsheet for patients Quickvue Rapid SARS Antigen test

7. Our Notice of privacy practices is linked here. 


Further questions can be addressed by contacting us before your test or during the test.

Hillcrest Team

240-608-2006 or

1080 W Patrick St, Unit 10, Fredrick, MD 21703

DO NOT Fill  below form unless you have been asked to do so. If If asked, fill on day of the test NOT BEFORE

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