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At home tests via insurance

The government mandate to provide 8 at home Covid-19 tests to each person per 30 days went into effect 1/15/2022

Insurances are scrambling to setup networks and add available tests into the system so they can be processed via pharmacy systems/networks. This process can take 7-14days or longer for some insurances. 

Medicare coverage for these tests has not been defined yet nor have we received any communication as of 1/15/22.

Current options:

1. Buy online or in store and submit the receipts to insurance along with HCFA 1500 form  or any other form provided by your insurance company. You will need our Tax ID and NPI number listed on the store receipt or on packing slip when you purchase online. You may also need diagnosis code and HCPCS codes. Below are given for your convenience, however you have to follow your insurance's guidelines. While we help provide information, WE CANNOT HELP YOU GET REIMBURSED OR PROMISE you will get reimbursed using the information provided. That is a matter for the authorities and insurance along with your employer/HR department.  

HCPCS code for Antigen test U0002

Diagnosis codes guide/choices:

Z03.822 suspected exposure

Z20.828 exposure to COVID-19 patient

Z03.818 Suspected exposure congregate setting

U07.1 presumptive positive COVID-19 result

R05 Cough, R06.02 Shortness of Breath

J02.9 Sore throat, R50.9 Fever, R51 Headache

R43.3New loss of taste, R43.0 New loss of smell

For other codes consult insurance guidelines or your physician.

2. Submit your request online for us to try your billing your insurance. This is a first come first serve basis while we have the tests in stock. Typical response time is 5-7days depending on staffing levels. Any inquiries will delay response even further by another 5-7days. You are free to try other pharmacies. Your insurance will let us know if it was filled elsewhere. We cancel orders automatically 48hrs after calling you. 

With short staffing, we are unable to help fulfill these orders as well as process prescriptions. We request you also seek the help of local health department for free at home test kits. 

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