Coronavirus Vaccine Information

If you reached this page after booking appointment, your appointment is confirmed.  

Check JUNK mail for confirmation (if email was typed correctly, it should be there). Even if email cannot be found, since you got this page, the form submission was successful so appointment is confirmed. While we will try to answer phone calls and emails asking for appointment confirmation, it delays vaccination and other work in pharmacy as we are very small pharmacy with limited resources. We hope you will limit calls/emails about appointment confirmation. As of 11/12/21 we have plenty of vaccines and can accommodate most people, as long as you you can wait.  

Please read below notices before your vaccination. However please note that  Vaccine factsheets get constantly updated. For latest information on vaccines, visit CDC site by clicking here.


CDC pre-vaccination checklist. It list ingredients of vaccine to determine allergies and answers other questions you may have prior to vaccination.

Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine information

Moderna COVID vaccine information

Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID vaccine information

Offsite clinic location form. Only complete below form if asked to do so

Frequently asked questions

We are a small pharmacy with limited resources. We are currently overwhelmed with phone calls about vaccines and coordinating current bookings and working with our pharmacy patients. We feel honored and privileged to help crush the COVID virus, however we appreciate your support by booking your appointments via our website and read the FAQ for any questions you may have. Please avoid calling us for questions that have been answered below.   

Will I need an ID?
You may also be asked for proof of age and or identification, especially in case brining minors for vaccination. 

Is there a charge for the vaccine?
The vaccine itself is free and administered at no cost to you (the patient). The administrators can charge a fee to patients’ insurance for administration fee to cover the cost of collecting, screening, administering, monitoring, reporting duties related to the vaccine.  Please bring your insurance cards. If you are a Medicare recipient please bring your red, white & blue Medicare card. If you have a private plan, please bring your Pharmacy benefit cards. Medicaid recipients can bring Medicaid ID card. Uninsured persons need to bring either Social Security Card or valid/unexpired State ID or unexpired drivers license.  

Can I change my appointment or bring my spouse or another person?

We request, if you need to change time or date of appointment, the best way is to make new appointment or have patience when you "walk-in", we will do our best to accommodate changes on "walk-in" basis. Email would be appreciated, but please understand we may not reply or acknowledge in time, that does not mean we will not accommodate your change. We will all work together to get as many people vaccinated as possible and crush this virus.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We appreciate the faith you have put in us. 


How do I get more information about the vaccines?
Additional questions that were not answered or understood from reading the vaccine information sheets/factsheets above, should be directed to your physician or ask your trusted Hillcrest Pharmacist at the time of appointment. You may also utilize the resources on our website and CDC/State of MD Dept of health website.  


How should I prepare for my appointment?
Wear proper loose clothing preferably with half sleeves so the pharmacist can access your upper arm easily. Plan to wait 15 minutes after appointment in your car. If you have a reaction or do not feel well, please return to the pharmacy immediately.

How do I schedule my second dose?

While we prefer you make an appointment for the second dose 21 days after 1st dose of Pfizer or 28 days after 1st dose of Moderna, we will reserve the vaccine for you regardless. We will take you on a walkin basis as long as you have the patience to wait. If coming walk-in, we will ask you to fill the above Vaccine Screening form online before arrival. Of course, if we cannot accommodate the time/date of your convenience then you can look for alternative site. However we will try our best to help. If the second dose falls on a Holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year then your second dose will be moved to the next business day. We will try to have additional staff to accommodate the increased volume. 


You can also visit our webpage for update Frequently asked questions.


We thank everyone for their cooperation and patience.

Darryn and the Hillcrest Pharmacy Team