Pharmacy compounding is the practice of creating personalized medications for each patient. Compounded medications are made to fit the exact strength and dosage form prescribed by a physician and alterations such as dosage forms, flavor, and combining multiple medications into one can be requested by patients. At Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding, we work closely with physicians and patients to create a more fitting and unique prescription for you. Not only your prescriptions can be altered and tailored at our pharmacy but we also provide veterinary compounding for your furry friends.

At Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding, we offer various compounding services that personalized specific medications such as:

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
– Utilizes hormones to adapt specifically to fit individual’s body and hormone levels.

Men’s Health Compounding
– Restores natural balance and testosterone level by taking supplements.

Pain Management Compounding
– Treats and relieves pain by taking medications.

Pediatric Compounding
– Alters flavor and strength of a medicine to fit your kid’s taste and health needs.

Veterinary Compounding
– Treats pets depending on their health condition.

Geriatric Compounding
– Alters the flavor or dosage of a medicine that would match to patient’s preferences.

If you need our assistance in compounding services, talk to one of our trusted pharmacists to cater your needs. Contact us at 240-608-2006 or 443-485-1944 and we’ll assist you with your queries right away.